About Us

Greenlane Reserve grew out of an insatiable desire for fresh coffee.  Kevin, one of the owners of Greenlane Reserve, started drinking coffee very young (no, it doesn't stunt your growth), building memories of drinking coffee with his grandparents in the Pocono mountains of Pennsylvania.  "We used to drink coffee sitting on the back porch looking over the fields and woods, watching the deer at sunset".  From that moment coffee became a hallmark weaved into every moment of life.  School, work, friendships, and relationships: moments shared both beautiful and difficult, whether in silence or in conversation, decisions made and opportunities embraced over a cup of coffee. 

We started Greenlane Reserve because we believe coffee is as much about the moment as it is about good coffee. The mass production of coffee has dulled our senses as to how fresh and properly roasted coffee should taste. This obsession for fresh roasted coffee has been the driving force that led us to creating our coffee company. We endeavor to produce the best fresh roasted coffee that you can get. We put our love for coffee into each small batch we roast by hand. We believe there really is a difference when coffee is roasted by hand, with real people conducting the entire process, rather than industrialized machines run by computers. By roasting each batch by hand we are controlling the process from beginning to end, adjusting when necessary, and removing defective beans either before or after roasting. We then package by hand as a final opportunity for quality control.

We hope our passion for producing incredible coffee is evident in every bag. The coffees and the memories in life that you enjoy every day are the moments we want to help you create. 

Thank you for drinking our coffee!